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Smartvent, Inc. ® ,
Energy Efficient Water Heater
                 Only $99

Smartvent, Inc.
Kitchen Faucets Need To Have a High Water Flow Rate
Unlike a Tankless Water Heater This Water Heater Has a High Flow Rate
Never Runs out of Hot Water*
Saves Homeowner Both Electricity & Water + Great Convenience!
Never Corrode  -   Zero Maintenance - Ever!
10 Minute DIY Installation
Small, 6" dia x 18" tall, easily fit in back corner under sink 
without taking up any usable space

Longest Life of Any Water Heater, probably more than 50 years!  
                  for easy installation under kitchen sink

delivers high flow hot water to your kitchen faucet in two seconds and you can wash a greasy pan in just a few seconds
patent pending
Would you like to know more about how this water heater
came into being? Why a Tankless water heater can't work
at kitchen sink?
Is it perfect? No, but you’re going to enjoy high flow rate, long life, and very short payback. Keep in mind the EPA is continuously requiring development of lower flow faucets, making hot water delivery slower. The EPA also recognizes that a kitchen sink faucet needs a much higher flow to be effective. With this water heater, you have instant hot water at a high flow rate.
Tankless water heaters, recirculation, and conventional systems all require maintenance. This water heater requires no maintenance.
Payback of tankless has been calculated at more than 22 years, Homewater payback is less than 4 years.

*receives water from your home's main hot water heater. 

Inlet and outlet connector hoses are provided with tank
Homewater Water Heater
Lowest Cost, Longest Life, Only Water Heater That Never Needs Any Maintenance, Easiest to Install!!!

High Flow. Fabulous For Use Under Kitchen Sink.